Friday, February 24, 2017

The Many Faces Of Listerine...

Some well known products got started as something totally different than intended. Take Listerine for instance.


Listerine is a well-known mouthwash brand, but it didn’t begin life as such. Listerine was originally a surgical disinfectant. It was made by the Johnson brothers, who were looking for a way to make surgeries safer and were inspired by English surgeon Sir Joseph Lister. In 1879, they came up with an antiseptic liquid which they called Listerine after Sir Lister. Listerine was advertised and sold as a surgical disinfectant that could also be used to treat wounds, dandruff, athlete’s foot, and even insect bites. In one instance, it was even sold as a deodorant.

The Johnson brothers later teamed up with pharmacist Jordan Wheat Lambert and began selling Listerine to dentists for use as an oral antiseptic. Lambert’s children are responsible for making Listerine into the mouthwash we know today after they asked the company’s chemist to tell them all the things Listerine could be used for. The chemist included bad breath (also called halitosis), and the company began advertising it as such.

I reckon that somethings are worth more than they appear at first. From medicine to mouthwash, Listerine has had a long and colorful run so far. More power to them!

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Thursday, February 23, 2017

Smart Phone Zombies...!

It's hard to believe that so many people just turn off their common sense when it comes to having a smart phone glued to your face. Simple things like walking can become dangerous if you don't pay attention to whats going on around you.

Dutch Pavement Lights

Photo credit:

In February 2016, a Dutch town announced the introduction of pavement lights at pedestrian crossings to guide “smartphone zombies” safely across. The lights have been installed on a trial basis in Bodegraven at a busy intersection near a school.

The light strips are designed to be seen by people who have their eyes glued to devices. The colors correspond to traffic signals—green for go, red for stop. Town council member Kees Oskam revealed that smartphone distraction has come “at the expense of attention to traffic.” Something needed to be done.

VVN, a Dutch traffic safety group, thinks that installing these lights “rewards bad behavior.” Spokesman Jose de Jong warned, “People must always look around them to check if cars are actually stopping at the red signals.”

The company that developed the “smartphone zombie” lights hopes that a successful trial run in Bodegraven will bring in new orders. With similar lights being introduced elsewhere, this is likely.

I'd like to say that I'm surprised at the steps being taken to protect folks from themselves, but this type of behaviour seems to be world wide. Like the old saying goes..."you can't fix stupid!"

Coffee out on the patio again. "smart phone zombies", OK?

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Billy Brooks For Western Wednesday...!

Often in the old west, it wasn't unusual to find an outlaw or gunfighter switching sides and becoming a lawman. However, Mr. Brooks got it backwards. Here is his story.

Billy Brooks

Gunfighters were a unique Western frontier product and a breed of their own—neither outlaw nor lawman but often either or both during their lifetime. This photo of Billy Brooks depicts a typical gunfighter of the 1870s, and he fit the mold: he was a lawman in Newton and Ellsworth, Kansas, a gunfighter in Dodge City—before any of those towns became “cowtowns”—and he died at the end of a rope in 1874 as a horse thief. This photo was probably taken circa 1872.

Guess moving from lawman to gunfighter to horse thief wasn't such a good career move. Brooks should have stopped while he was ahead!

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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Taking Tuesday Off...

Sorry, folks. I'm taking today off. I really don't have a good reason, but I just want to take off for a day.

You all know where the coffee is, right?

Monday, February 20, 2017

Monday Mysteries Provided By Nature...!

Instead of something like a murder mystery today, let's look at some of the natural mysteries provided by Mother Nature herself. Boy, can She provide some great ones!

That was a little different, don't you think? Pretty amazing stuff!

Coffee in the kitchen this morning. It's gonna rain again today!

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Strange Cartoons For Sunday...!

Here is something a little different for you today. I don't think you have seen most of these...I know I hadn't!

And maybe one more...!

Hope you enjoyed these today. I know I did.

Coffee back out on the patio this morning again!

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Invasion Of The Crows...!

I may have mentioned this before, but I like crows. I find them very interesting and extremely smart.

From time to time though, they can be a when they decide to take over a town. Here's that story for ya.

California, Pennsylvania

In 2012, the small college town of California, Pennsylvania, was invaded from the air by thousands of crows. According to the town’s residents, the sound of the crows was unbearable. One compared their sound to raindrops while another said they were louder than an alarm clock.

Besides being a general nuisance, mass numbers of birds taking over an area can be harmful because of the illnesses they spread and their effects on infrastructure. Most bird invasions like the one in California, Pennsylvania, occur in the winter because the birds are attracted to the lights of urban areas along with the heat generated.

To try to get the crows to leave the town, authorities used grape extract smoke, which works like pepper spray for crows and is neither harmful to plants nor other species of birds. Within moments of use, the crows will leave areas where grape extract has been sprayed.

First of all, let me say that I never heard of this town before. Seems like a strange name to me, but what do I know? Secongly, I had no idea that grape extract was like pepper spray to a crow. I know that when I worked in the produce section of a grocery store (long time ago) and we had fruit flies, we would make them go away by spraying peppermint extract around. Seemed to work for us.

Coffee out on the patio this morning. Temps are going back to the 80s again.